Bengali Wedding

The wedding ceremony (Bengali: bibaho/bie) follows the gaye holud ceremonies. As the wedding ceremony is arranged by the bride’s family, much of the traditions revolve around embarrassing the groom. The groom, along with his friends and family, traditionally arrive later than Continue reading Bengali Wedding

Delhi Photo Festivals 2011

Yesterday, when i was walking inside the India Habitat Center, i was totally amazed with the work did by the world renown photographers from Austria, Italy, China etc and specially Raghu Rai’s work. Its beautiful concept, amazing composition, wonderful color combination  literally took me Continue reading Delhi Photo Festivals 2011 presents “Exotica”

There’s one thing about India you can’t deny, she’s diverse, vivid and exotic. This rights managed collection offers high quality photographs shot across the length and breadth of India by exceptional photographers. Find that elusive monument, those exotic people, that Continue reading presents “Exotica”