How To Start Uploading Images on ImageDB

Guide to upload files on ImageDB :

1. Log-In: You have to log-in on ImageDB and become a member.

2. Sign Agreement: You need to sign the agreement first, scan the same and Email it to us at (We need scanned copy of first 2 pages only).

3. Share Your Images: After submitting your agreement, we will add you in our contributor list. You can start sharing via Dropbox or FTP. You can share Dropbox with our Technical Team member :

If you are interested in FTP, then please email us at We will send you more details related to FTP.

Please make sure before uploading files all the points are covered as mentioned:

a. Image should be send according to Image Requirement guideline.

b. Image should have keywords. All the information related to Keywording is added to Contributor’s Guideline.
c. Images of people should have Model releases attached. All the information related to Model release is added to Contributor’s Guideline.

4. Approval Of Images: Our editing team will check your images conscientiously to ensure that they comply with the necessary legal and quality standards. If accepted then all your images will be displayed on ImageDB.

5. Sales Summary: You are notified each time one of your images is sold. Every Month, you will receive remuneration for the sales of your images.

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