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About ImageDB

Who is ? is a new service dedicated to providing high-quality royalty-free stock image content. We’re the creation of a collaborative team including experienced stock photographers, photo editors, Internet designers, digital artists and clients.

What are royalty free images and rights managed images?

Royalty free images are the ones which can be used number of times for any type of use without any limit of time.

Rights managed images are the ones which can be used for specific period of time and for particular use only.

Can I sell photos, vectors, illustrations and/or footage on ImageDB?

Photographers can submit photos, vectors, illustrations and footages.

How can I contact customer support?

The Contact Us link can be found on the bottom of any page within ImageDB.

Is ImageDB free to join?

Yes, ImageDB is totally free to join.


Why is such a cool way to search for images?

Our goal is to respect your valuable time by creating a quality-trusted service that ensures quick and accurate results for image searches. We are certain that our stock imagery and site functionality will take you to the image you’re looking for in minutes, not hours.

Why should I register at site?

When you register at our site, you’ll gain access to watermark-free comp images and allow us to serve you better. Moreover you can create advance lightbox which you can download as a pdf file and can get it emailed to your mailbox. You can use Shopping Cart and can purchase online any image from on just a click of a mouse.

How may I use images?

You may use our royalty-free photos for: web pages and other electronic distribution systems. broadcasts. theatrical exhibitions. advertising and promotional materials. products, including those intended for sale. publications. Personal (noncommercial) materials. comps, layouts, and other materials for test or sample use. For the full list of terms and conditions, please read our EULA.

What are the usage restrictions for images?

You may NOT: use our content to compete with us. While it is permissible to incorporate our photos in a product you intend to sell, you cannot give away or resell the photos themselves. use our content as part of an electronic template or application to create multiple impressions of a product (greeting cards, business cards, web page designs, etc.). use our content as a service mark or trademark. use our content for pornographic materials. use any photo of a person in a manner implying endorsement of, use of, or affiliation with a product or service unless you include a statement indicating that the person is a model and is used only for illustrative purposes. use any photo of a person in connection with a potentially controversial subject unless you include a statement indicating that the person is a model and is used only for illustrative purposes. portray a person in any photo in an unflattering manner unless you include a statement indicating that the person is a model and is used only for illustrative purposes. Again, please read our EULA for the full list of terms and conditions.

How do I download images from

Multimedia, medium, and high-resolution photos are available to anyone who subscribes to To download one of these images: Click the INFO/DOWNLOAD link below the image you want. Click Download to the right of the appropriate resolution. A larger version of the image will appear in a new browser window. Right-click (Windows) or click-hold (Mac) the larger image. Select Save Picture As… or Save Image As… Click Save in the dialog box that appears. NOTE: Saving the image to your desktop will make it easier to find later.

Will you give my email address to anyone else?

We will not share your email address with other organizations for commercial purposes without your consent.

Can I use images from for a logo or company trademark?

No, you are not permitted to use images from for a logo or company trademark.

Can I use images from on websites?

Yes, you may use images on your own websites or clients’ websites, but only as design elements. These images are not to be download from your site.

Can I create an online image gallery featuring content?

No, you are not permitted to create an online gallery using any images from our site.

Can I modify an image and claim copyright on the “derivative” work that I have created?

No, you are not permitted to claim copyright on any work that incorporates images from Copyright of images from is retained by or third-party suppliers. Intellectual property laws in some cases protect works of art that are derived from the original work. We recommend that you consult legal counsel in order to make an informed decision.


What is Fusion Collection?

The talented photographers can contribute to our FUSION collection. Fusion Collection is a cluster of still images of your creativity which will be portrayed on our website.

It is really easy to contribute. The images can be submitted under Non Exclusive category. We understand the fact that it is tough to make money out of your creative work in the world of photography. We at IMAGE DB therefore provide you the platform where you can show your hard work and also earn at the same time. Once you get this wonderful platform, sky is the limit for your success. You may start getting a number of assignments once you portray your work on IMageDB and impress the clients.

What are the requirements of Fusion Collection?

  1. Subjective
  • Images should be related to travel, people, product images or the categories specified under Contributor’s Guidelines Document.
    • We are focusing only on Indian content so the images should be related to India only.
  1. Legal
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be the author of all the files you upload.
  • You must own all the rights or have the authorization for the elements represented in your files.


  1. Technical
  • Images should be correctly exposed and in-focus.
  • Images should be without date stamps, copyright notices, watermark or any copyrighted logos.
  • Photographs must be 50 MB file size in 300 dpi canvas size A3 shot by a 10 mega pixel camera or above.

How do I become ImageDB contributor or how can I sell images on ImageDB?

ImageDB is open to all. If you have great images (JPEG) to share, create an account on ImageDB, and submit your images for us to review. Please read all the documents related to Submitter Guideline (hyerlink) and Uploading Guideline (hyerlink).

Is there any charge for uploading the images?

Uploading is absolutely free.

What about the security of my pictures?

We upload the images only after the agreement between us is signed and emailed to us. We add as a contributor when we receive the Agreement.  We send the approved and rejected reports as soon as we work on your images. This ensures the security of your images. Also all hi-res of the image can be downloaded only by our registered customers. So again this ensures that Images sold are mentioned in the sales summary.

How long does it take for my approved images to be online?

Our creative team takes a week time to make the images available online.

When is the contributor eligible for the payment?

Photographer is eligible for the payment only when the image is purchased/downloaded/used by the client.

Are the efforts of the photographer acknowledged by mentioning his/her name when the image is sold under ImageDB?

The copyright will remain with the photographer all the time, photographers name will be mentioned along with the image on the Detail Page

Images submitted to ImageDB, can be sold to other sites as well?

Yes, you can. Images are under non-exclusive category where you can share your images with other agencies as well.

Who decides the price per image?

We put the images in the Fusion Collection, the prices of the Fusion Collection are on the pricing page. The images will also be included in the subscription offering, which has a much higher chance of generating revenue.

How can I find out which content has been sold from my portfolio?

When image is sold on ImageDB, commission will be added to your account with all details. Sales report will be generated at the end of every month. We will be sending the same by 7th of the month.

How will I get paid or what will be the payment procedure?

Payments will be calculated on last day of the month and will be processed on every 15th of the month. Commission depends upon pricing – image is sold under Single Image Option or Subscription option.

How to submit images having people?

Yes, images of people can be submitted alongwith the model releases. Please download the Model Release Form.

Why images are rejected?

If the images are not according to the Contributor’s guidelines then the images are rejected. Please check the contributor’s guidelines.

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