Republic Day


Republic Day Images Collection !

India became a republic on 26th January, 1950 and since then the day is celebrated all over the country as a symbol of respect to our Republic. Republic day is one of the three national holidays in India. The day because of its tremendous historical significance brings the whole country together. On August 28, 1947 the drafting committee for India’s constitution was appointed and the committee took – two years, eleven months and eighteen days to complete the task of drafting the constitution. The day of 26th January was decided because of Declaration of Independence on 1930. The day observes Republic Day Parade which remains the point of attention for whole country. The parade takes place at Rajpath- president’s place. The military, social and cultural strengths of the country are displayed in this parade. Several states present the glimpse of their cultures. The president of India addresses the whole nation on this day. In all states of the country, Address the governors and citizens and perform the flag hoisting ceremony. Every Indian feels proud of their country on this day. It’s the time when the citizens realize what the nation means to them and what they mean to this great nation.

 Republic Day Images Collection !

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