Pongal Fest Celebration !

 Pongal Images Collection !

Pongal Images Collection !

Pongal is an auspicious festival which embarks the winter solstice and is celebrated in the state of Tamilnadu and some parts of few other south indian states. Pongal symbolizes the prayers of Surya- the Sun. It is celebrated on account of the first harvest of the year and therefore is quite popular among the farmers. It is believed that on Pongal, the sun’s position is at southernmost point and it starts to move towards north after Pongal. The festival is celebrated at the same time when Lohri is being celebrated in north india. Makar Sankranti also occurs within a day or two. Therefore its occurrence is at the time when local festivities are at their peak. The celebrations level is huge. It is also called as Thai Pongal. Thai means – Tenth month of tamil calendar and Pongal means – festivity. Simply saying – the festival observed on the tenth month of tamil calendar. People do prayers of Surya and present Prasad  to him. The festival is also known for the special food Tamil people make on this special day. A festival dedicated to the hard work of people with a hope of bringing good luck for the coming year.

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