Ladakh – The Coldest Desert In World !

The peaks of snow mountains on bright mornings part the dense clouds and soar into the skies. Beneath the skies like a world submerged, lies a lost kingdom. Ladakh, the roof of the world opened to tourists only in the last decade. At an awesome altitude, this highland is the bridge between the earth and the sky! Ladakh’s landscape has more in common with the lunar landscape than any other place on earth. Being in a complete rain-shadow region, cut off from the monsoon clouds by the Great Himalayas and a host of subsidiary ranges, it is a cold high altitude desert where the wind, water from the minimal winter snows, and chemical reactions within the rocks themselves, have carved a fantastic, sometimes grotesque, landscape.

These Are Some of the Best Spots around Ladakh.

1. The Pangong Tso (also known as the “Pangong Lake”): Pangong Tso is ranked as a number one tourist attraction for the year 2011-12. I for one, call this place “heaven on earth”.

“Pangong Lake”

2. The famous Thiskey monastery: Close to Leh the monastery is a majestic twelve foot complex, a perfect piece of architectural ensemble.
The famous Thiskey monastery
3. The Nubra Valley experience: Ranked as the number three attraction in the area for the year 2011-12
The Nubra Valley
4. Monastero Chemre Gompa: The famous Monastero Chemre Gompa can be seen from the intersection of Chang La and “Pangong Tso”.
Monastero Chemre Gompa
5. Monastero Spituk: You should plan to visit the famous Spituk Monastery during January. This is the time you will be treated to colorful surprises of the famous winter festival. They say this is the time when the evil spirits roam free the land and are banished with this festival.
Monastero Spituk
6. Himalayan Peaks
Himalayan Peaks:
7. The famous Stok Palace Museum: The Stok Palace at present is the home of the former “Royal Family” ofLadakh.
The famous Stok Palace Museum:
8. The Zanskar Valley experience: Famous for trekking trails all over Ladakh, Zanskar valley is a must see attraction on your planned itinerary.
The Zanskar Valley
9. The good old Shanti Stupa: Trek from Leh and in less than fifteen minutes you will reach the famous pristine Shanti Stupa.
The good old Shanti Stupa
10. The famous Leh Post Office: You may wonder why on earth a post office in Leh would be of any interest. Well here’s why; The Leh post office is one of the wonders from the modern world in the cold desert of the north, Ladakh. Although you will find friendly staff and up-to-date mail services within, what really may interest you is the small room of unlimited picture postcards for you to pick and choose. Taking back memories from this lovely region should be on your list, isn’t it? So why not from the famous Leh post office!!
Ladakh Famous Post Office

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