Valentine’s Day in India

February 14th in India

Valentines Day is celebrated throughout the world as a day of love and bonding. What originated in the west has taken the youth of perhaps from all nooks of the world in its arena. St. Valentine stands as a mascot of unified love for the people who believe in celebrating this day. India being a country of different religions and castes, has also accepted this day as one of its own. A country that celebrates almost all the festivals of the world is not alien to this day of love. As the world remembers St. Valentines, India has its reasons to remember the Hindu lord of love, Kamdev. Lord Kamdev is a part of the Hindu myths and possesses a flowery bow. A belief in India says that the arrow that leaves his bow often strikes the lovers. The importance of Valentines Day in India grows every year. India being the land where the treatise of love took birth is now a part, as the world celebrates Valentines.

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Ancient scriptures and sculptures have shown that India has been a land of love for many years before this day actually started being celebrated. It took a while for India to welcome the Valentines Day. This is a day of romance and love for many Indians. The youth especially take keen interest in the same. Collegians have their own innovative and stylish ways of impressing their loved ones. Exchanging gifts like teddy bears and chocolates or personalized gifts have taken a rage in India. In the metros mainly, disco’s and party places have their parties and various shows organized for the people wanting to have a good time with their near and dear ones. This day gives a reason for those married to express their affection to their spouse. Jewelry is one of the main gifts exchanged and which is available in different designs in India. Flowers are the most commonly given mementos.

Love is the most Wonderful of all feeling’s in the world.
it’s Valentine day and what could be a Better time to express your feeling’s to your dear Ones….

ImageDB Wishes all A Happy V♥lentine’s Day ……..

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