Joint family v/s nuclear family – which is better?

Have you ever lived in a joint family? Do feel that the joint family system could benefit you? With both the husband and wife having to work to sustain the family do you feel that the children could do better with the indulgence of their grandparents? Read on to find out!

The joint family

A joint family involves much more than people living under the same roof. Those of you who have experienced it will know its worth. With everyone putting in his or her part, the old joint family system could benefit everyone. Not only do your children get to live and grow with their grandparents and cousins, they also learn the value of relationship. They learn to give and take, to be patient, cooperative, tolerant and to adjust with the other family members. Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at teamwork? Well this is where it begins – at home!

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The joint family system inadvertently contributes to your security, health and prosperity. This is one system that could help you to live a less stressful life style, the reason being you have a lot of people around to help you and to share your sorrows and joys.

This was just how it was long long ago…
Long ago, most if not all families lived as joint families. The joint family system helps to inculcate traditional values in children. Not only will your children know more of your relatives, your native language will be spoken much more frequently. A strong bond with your culture can be developed. All the festivals that are a part of you will be celebrated with the children gearing up weeks in advance.

The nuclear family

Nuclear family is a term used to define a family group consisting of a father and mother and their children. This is in contrast to the smaller single-parent family, and to the larger extended family. Nuclear families typically center on a married couple, but not always; the nuclear family may have any number of children.

There are differences in definition among observers; some definitions allow only biological children that are full-blood siblings, while others allow for a stepparent and any mix of dependent children including stepchildren and adopted children. Alternate definitions have included family units headed by same-sex parents, and perhaps additional adult relatives who take on a cohabiting parental role

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If you feel you need your space and cannot disrupt your routine with clashes you probably want to go with the nuclear family system. This definitely has a few benefits like helping you become independent and enables you to bring up your children the way you want without much interference. You may feel fulfillment in achieving your aspirations and in creating your self-identity but can this replace the joint family? Definitely not! A baby sitter can never fill in for the child’s grandparent. What you gain living as a joint family can never be replaced with financial gains.

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