Energy Conservation

Energy powers the vehicles, businesses, and household appliances that define modern society. As a resource, energy is usually referred to as a fuel. Today, energy is one of the most important resources in our technological world. Energy comes in many forms and is  often converted numerous times before it reaches our homes, schools, and places of work.
The term “energy” itself refers to the ability to do or perform work. In the context of a technological system, the work may involve moving a large ship, heating a home, or running equipment in a factory. The related term “power” is defined as the rate at which work is accomplished. These two words, energy and power, are used incorrectly in many textbooks and technical discussions. Each term defines a different characteristic, so they should not be used as synonyms. Energy comes from a number of resources that are often grouped into the broad categories of renewable and nonrenewable resources. For instance, electricity may be generated from solar or wind collectors (both renewable sources) or through the burning of
fossil fuels (oil and natural gas are nonrenewable resources).Through an energy conversion process, electricity is generated and we report the flow of electrical current as power.

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