Modern Indian Life Style

The culture of modern India has evolved many folds since the ancient ages. The history of India has played a significant role in shaping up the Indian culture. In the historical past, India has been invaded several times and this brought in a mix of cultures. The other factors that contributed towards shaping the culture of India are its unique geography and different religions. The modern Indian culture is a much evolved version of the ancient cultures in India. Also, the modern Indian culture has been profoundly influenced by the west.

Post independence, the culture of India began to evolve further to what we call the modern India culture. This can be seen clearly in its architecture, performing arts, food, clothing, and festivals.

The modern Indian clothing reflects a blend of traditional and western culture. While shirts paired up with trousers or jeans are worn by majority of the Indian men, women in India are found to prefer salwar kameez, sarees and kurtis for clothes. Besides, Indian women also wear western outfits like shirts or tops paired with skirts, jeans, or trousers and other western dresses.

Family is about joy and sharing. In India, the family culture is all about love and patience. A girl weds into a family and adjusts herself seamlessly to the rituals, routine and cuisine. Of late, one can see a lot of love marriages i.e. cross border mingling which is also being accepted by the elders in the family. Association with religious beliefs and sects is also followed by families as many families believe in a particular Guru or saint who guides them in their spiritual path. Families are also getting nuclear owing to independent lifestyle preference and also the concept where in both husband and wife is working and has demanding careers. This is quite common in metros where families are independent in their upbringing and yet love and respect the elders who reside separately. The earlier homes housed themselves together in very large families where one can actually see three or four generations put up together.

Helpful nature is another striking feature in our Indian culture. Right from our early days of childhood we are taught to help one another in need of help and distress. If not monetary then at least in kind or non-monetary ways. Indian culture tells us to multiply and distribute joy and happiness and share sadness and pain. It tells us that by all this we can develop co-operation and better living amongst ourselves and subsequently make this world a better place to live in.

Even though India is a country of various religions and caste our culture tells us just one thing ‘phir bhi dil hai Hindustani

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